A day in the mountains

Zevi bought me snowshoes for my birthday a few months ago and with all of the cold weather we have had, along with the time we’ve spent away from home, I hadn’t yet had the chance to go out and use them. I was itching for some fresh mountain air, so today we finally got organized and, along with a couple friends, made the drive out to Kananaskis country.

Kananaskis mountains

Every time we go out to the mountains I marvel at how lucky we are to live so close to such amazing scenery. We live only an hour’s drive from a place that people travel miles and miles to marvel at. It’s easy to take that for granted, but we shouldn’t! Sometimes I almost feel bored by another drive down Highway 1 through the Rockies, and then I have to pinch myself, take a look around, and remind myself how lucky we are to live amidst the beautiful mountains of Alberta.

Snowshoeing friends

We did the Penstock Loop, a 4.7 km loop inside Peter Lougheed Park. It was a nice, easy trail, which was exactly what we were looking for. It was great to breathe some mountain air, and I definitely plan to get back out there before the winter ends!

Zevi and Benny

I think the puppy had a pretty good time too.

Mountain view


H snowshoeing

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