My Five: Favourite Albums Right Now

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you’ve got some exciting things in store for the weekend. Since I am currently unemployed every day is pretty much a weekend, but Friday and Saturday seem to be when everyone else is in the mood to have fun, so they’re still exciting for me ;).

I always like hearing about what other people are in to, so I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my favourites from time to time. So today, let’s talk about five albums I’m really enjoying right now. Some of these are new and some have been out for a while, but they’ve all been getting quite a bit of play recently.

1. Let’s Be Ready – The Wooden Sky

I still love this Ontario band’s 2008 release If I Don’t Come Home You Know I’m Gone, and Let’s Be Ready is another home run. Lead singer Gavin Gardiner’s voice keeps its rough growl, and the songs retain their folky charm, but the addition of some heavier electric guitar kicks things up a notch.

Favourite Track: Our Hearts Were Young

2. In The Lonely Hour – Sam Smith

This guy’s one of the most popular artists out there these days, and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m firmly on the bandwagon. Sam Smith’s warbly falsetto get’s me every time. Whether you’re in the mood for a dance party or you want to wallow in sadness over your failed relationship, there’s a little something here for every occasion. This is without a doubt my most listened to album over the last six-plus months. I just can’t quit!

Favourite Track(s): Restart and Make It To Me (because there’s no way I could pick just one)

3. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Soundtrack – Various Artists

I heard some of the songs from this soundtrack through Google Play Music radio (my favourite way to discover new music these days) and I was inspired to check out the entire album. I’m usually not one to seek out soundtracks, and I haven’t even seen the movie, but this one is top notch. Featuring some artists I was already a fan of (Bahamas, Jose Gonzalez) and some that were new to me (Rogue Wave, Rogue Valley), this is the perfect thing to listen to on a relaxing Sunday morning.

Favourite Track: Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez

4. High Noon – Arkells

This Hamilton group has been a favourite of mine for a while, and I’m glad to see that everyone else is catching on to their infectious pop-rock sounds.  High Noon retains the band’s driving enthusiasm and provides more catchy hooks than ever.

Favourite Track: Leather Jacket (I’ve listened to this song more than any other in the past few months)

5. Club Meds – Dan Mangan and Blacksmith

Dan Mangan lost me a little bit with his 2011 release, but 2015’s Club Meds has once again made me a believer. Brooding and dark, but very listenable, Dan’s earnest growl draws me in and the unique instrumentation and fuzzy guitars keeps me interested.

Favourite Track: Offred

So that’s what’s in heavy rotation for me right now. Are you listening to anything good these days? I’d love to know!

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