My Five: Favourite Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram is probably my favourite social network. Full of gorgeous food photos that inspire me to get out my pots and pans and jaw dropping travel photos that make me want to drop everything and hit the road, Instagram is where I go when I want ot be inspired. Here are some of the accounts whose photos I find myself double tapping on a regular basis.


Tracy has such a unique eye for photography and she captures life from such an interesting perspective. I love her quirky snapshots of every day life and her mouth watering food photos!

We dipped our toes into an alternate universe today.

A post shared by Tracy Benjamin (@shutterbean) on


Bev posts lots of insanely cute photos of her twins, but the best part are the hilarious captions she writes.

All the ladies in the house say YEAH.

A post shared by Bev Weidner (@bevcooks) on


This account full of awe inspiring photos of my home province makes me proud to live in Alberta!

Spring, we're ready for you. Photo by @alexstrohl | #explorealberta

A post shared by Travel Alberta (@travelalberta) on

Why do you travel? Photo by @younner | #explorealberta

A post shared by Travel Alberta (@travelalberta) on


I can always count on A Beautiful Mess for a shot of colour, a jolt of creativity, and some of the best murals you can find.


Her food photos are beautiful, and the collages she creates are spectacular.

Those are just a few of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow these days. What are some of your favourites?

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