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Reading: Since I don’t have a job right now and I’m trying to limit my spending, I recently got a library card for the first time in many years. The Calgary Public Library removed the fee to get a library card a short time ago, which makes borrowing even cheaper! I recently read Delicious and Silver Linings Playbook, both of which I really enjoyed, and I’m now reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. Unfortunately, I’m not as interested in it as I wish I was, but it’s starting to grow on me. I recently joined a book club with some friends and I’m excited to go to the first meeting this week, but the book we’re reading just became available to me at the library so I’m going to have to do some speed-reading!

Watching: Even though I know that there are so many great shows I should be catching up on, I spent the last two months watching all ten seasons of Friends. Friends is probably my favourite show of all time, and even though I’d seen almost all of the episodes before, I was pretty sad when I reached the end of the series! It’s just such a classic show with so many hilarious moments, and I love all of the characters for different reasons. I haven’t just been watching reruns, though. I caught up on the first two seasons of House of Cards so that Zevi and I could watch season three (we’re a few episodes in so no spoilers!), and Zevi and I finished the third and final season of Newsroom. I loved seasons one and two of the show but with season three being only six episodes long it almost felt like they tried to do too much in too little time. I still think the series is well worth watching though.

Listening: Julia played a newer song by Timber Timbre called Hot Dreams for me as we drove out to the cabin, and I was instantly obsessed! I can’t get enough of that sultry sax, and I’ll probably be listening to this track over and over again until I’m completely sick of it.

Wishing: That Zevi could have come to the cabin with us this weekend. As great as it’s been to be out here, it’s just not the same without him! I know that there will be lots of moments that I won’t be able to share with him because of the nature of his work schedule, and it’s just something I’ll have to get used to. On the plus side, it makes me extra thankful for the days we do have together.

Eating: We made a ham for Easter dinner last night and it turned out so well! I think I’ve eaten it for every meal since. If being addicted to cured meat is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Loving: I’ve really been enjoying running lately! I’ve gone for three runs while I’ve been out here and they’ve all felt great. I did a hill workout yesterday for the first time in forever, and it felt awesome to make it through something really challenging. I’m kind of intimidated by the pace I need to run to meet my goal of sub-two hours for the Calgary Half Marathon, but I think that if I work hard I can put myself in a position to achieve it.

This post was inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet.