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My Five: Favourite Online Recipe Finds

Macheesmo beef slow cooker tacos

I love scouring food blogs and online recipe websites for inspiration and ideas on what to make for dinner. I’ve made countless meals from many different sources and have found some repeat-worthy dishes that are definitely worth checking out! Here are five of my favourite online recipe finds.

1. Macheesmo’s Slow Cooker Korean Beef Tacos

We just bought a slow cooker and this recipe was our first foray into crockpot cooking. If every slow cooker recipe results in meat this tender, juicy, and flavourful, I’ll be taking that thing out of my pantry on a regular basis! With my favourite condiment, gochujang, enhancing the beef’s deep umami flavours and giving it a little bit of spice, these tacos were spot on. I can’t wait to scarf down the leftovers!

2. Pinch of Yum’s Vietnamese Chicken Salad with Rice Noodles

I only recently started following this ultra popular food blog, but I’ve already made a bunch of Lindsay’s recipes. Everything she posts makes my mouth water, and most of her dishes are high on flavour without being overly time consuming. My favourite so far was this asian inspired chicken salad – juicy poached chicken, chewy rice noodles, bright herbs, and a zippy dressing come together for the perfect party in your mouth.

3. Shutterbean’s Curried Chicken with Coconut Rice

This is a recipe I’ve made quite a few times, and I find myself craving it if I haven’t eaten it in a while. Cooking the rice and chicken along with coconut milk, aromatics, and some warming spices, makes for an easy one pot dish that will have you scraping for those brown bits at the bottom. It makes enough for eight people, but luckily it tastes just as good warmed up two or three days later!

4. Spoon Fork Bacon’s Blood Orange and Kale Salad

Just to prove that not everything I eat is asian-inspired, I’m putting this kale salad on the list. Actually, I’m putting it on the list because it’s the best kale salad I’ve ever had, and everyone who tries it agrees! I’ve made it more time than I can count and brought it to potlucks, work parties, and family dinners, and it’s been a hit every time. The tangy dressing balances out the bitterness of the kale, and the goat cheese adds the richness that turns kale haters into believers. I’ve tried it with a variety of different nuts and a few different types of kale, and it’s always tasted terrific.

5. How Sweet It Is’ Beef Enchiladas

I’ve made and loved a ton of Jessica’s recipes, but these beef enchiladas have probably been the biggest hit. I love how the tortillas slathered in chili-infused tomato sauce soften and absorb the delicious flavours of the beef, and the cheesy topping melts and browns beautifully. Enchiladas are the sassier sister to lasagna, and these ones pack a punch.

I’ve found so many other great recipes in the great wide internet, but these are a few that I wholeheartedly recommend. What are your favourite food blog finds?

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My Five: Favourite Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram is probably my favourite social network. Full of gorgeous food photos that inspire me to get out my pots and pans and jaw dropping travel photos that make me want to drop everything and hit the road, Instagram is where I go when I want ot be inspired. Here are some of the accounts whose photos I find myself double tapping on a regular basis.


Tracy has such a unique eye for photography and she captures life from such an interesting perspective. I love her quirky snapshots of every day life and her mouth watering food photos!

We dipped our toes into an alternate universe today.

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Bev posts lots of insanely cute photos of her twins, but the best part are the hilarious captions she writes.

All the ladies in the house say YEAH.

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This account full of awe inspiring photos of my home province makes me proud to live in Alberta!

Spring, we're ready for you. Photo by @alexstrohl | #explorealberta

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Why do you travel? Photo by @younner | #explorealberta

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I can always count on A Beautiful Mess for a shot of colour, a jolt of creativity, and some of the best murals you can find.


Her food photos are beautiful, and the collages she creates are spectacular.

Those are just a few of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow these days. What are some of your favourites?

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My Five: Favourite Albums Right Now

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you’ve got some exciting things in store for the weekend. Since I am currently unemployed every day is pretty much a weekend, but Friday and Saturday seem to be when everyone else is in the mood to have fun, so they’re still exciting for me ;).

I always like hearing about what other people are in to, so I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my favourites from time to time. So today, let’s talk about five albums I’m really enjoying right now. Some of these are new and some have been out for a while, but they’ve all been getting quite a bit of play recently.

1. Let’s Be Ready – The Wooden Sky

I still love this Ontario band’s 2008 release If I Don’t Come Home You Know I’m Gone, and Let’s Be Ready is another home run. Lead singer Gavin Gardiner’s voice keeps its rough growl, and the songs retain their folky charm, but the addition of some heavier electric guitar kicks things up a notch.

Favourite Track: Our Hearts Were Young

2. In The Lonely Hour – Sam Smith

This guy’s one of the most popular artists out there these days, and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m firmly on the bandwagon. Sam Smith’s warbly falsetto get’s me every time. Whether you’re in the mood for a dance party or you want to wallow in sadness over your failed relationship, there’s a little something here for every occasion. This is without a doubt my most listened to album over the last six-plus months. I just can’t quit!

Favourite Track(s): Restart and Make It To Me (because there’s no way I could pick just one)

3. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Soundtrack – Various Artists

I heard some of the songs from this soundtrack through Google Play Music radio (my favourite way to discover new music these days) and I was inspired to check out the entire album. I’m usually not one to seek out soundtracks, and I haven’t even seen the movie, but this one is top notch. Featuring some artists I was already a fan of (Bahamas, Jose Gonzalez) and some that were new to me (Rogue Wave, Rogue Valley), this is the perfect thing to listen to on a relaxing Sunday morning.

Favourite Track: Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez

4. High Noon – Arkells

This Hamilton group has been a favourite of mine for a while, and I’m glad to see that everyone else is catching on to their infectious pop-rock sounds.  High Noon retains the band’s driving enthusiasm and provides more catchy hooks than ever.

Favourite Track: Leather Jacket (I’ve listened to this song more than any other in the past few months)

5. Club Meds – Dan Mangan and Blacksmith

Dan Mangan lost me a little bit with his 2011 release, but 2015’s Club Meds has once again made me a believer. Brooding and dark, but very listenable, Dan’s earnest growl draws me in and the unique instrumentation and fuzzy guitars keeps me interested.

Favourite Track: Offred

So that’s what’s in heavy rotation for me right now. Are you listening to anything good these days? I’d love to know!

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